Department of Safety Science and Technology was formally established in School of Resource and Environmental Engineering of Wuhan University of Science and Technology (WUST) in 1987. There are 13 full-time academic staff with different disciplinary backgrounds who work together to teach courses and undertake interdisciplinary researches in the department. This collaborative approach enables the department to form many teaching and research links with many other colleges in WUST such as the School of Mechanical  Engineering and College  of Medicine, as well as many other departments, including Environmental Engineering, and Mining Engineering.

The research field of Department of Safety Science and Technology of WUST focuses on safety, the environment, and general risk management. The department has complete laboratory facilities, which provides a valuable resource for research in fire dynamics of tunnel and underground space, city fire risk assessment technology, particle matters or aerosol removal, occupational and environmental toxicology, and mine safety technology. The department has also conducted theoretical researches on human factors, risk assessment, disaster management, health safety and the environment. The department has launched BSc,  MS and Ph.D. degree courses. All these research degrees can be granted by WUST.


Prof. Jun Han, Professor of Safety Engineering, Director of Hubei Key Laboratory for Efficient Utilization and Agglomeration of Metallurgic Mineral Resources.

Research Area:

(1) Toxic pollutants emission control;

(2) Safety in Chemical process;

(3) Energy utilization

E-mail: hanjun@wust.edu.cn

 Prof.  Futang Xing, majored in fluid machinery, primarily engaged in fault diagnosis of metallurgical equipment, multiphase flow in fans and risk management.                         

Research Area:                          

(1) Fault diagnosis of metallurgical equipment;                      

(2) Multiphase flow in ventilation and dust removal system;                         

(3) Risk management of metallurgical equipment .                        

E-mail: xingfutang@wust.edu.cn

 Prof. Xiaodong Xiang,majored in Safety Engineering, primarily engaged in industrial ventilation, fume and dust control, aerosol theory.


Fume and dust control;

Aerosol theory

Email: xiangxiaodong@wust.edu.cn


Prof.  Wangsheng Chen, majored in Safety Engineering, primarily engaged in industrial ventilation, dust removal, boiler and pressure vessel safety technology.                         

Research Area:

(1)Industrial ventilation;

(2)Fine particulate control;

(3)Boiler and pressure vessel safety technology

E-mail: chenwangsheng@wust.edu.cn


Prof.  Jianxing Wu, majored in safety engineering, primarily engaged in the study of fire and explosion safety theory and safety risk management and control.

Research Area:

(1) The fire and explosion safety technology and safety risk control for industry and trade enterprises;                  

(2) The safety risk control of industry and trade enterprises.

E-mail: Wujianxing@wust.edu.cn

 Associate Prof. Xuepeng Jiang, Director of the Department of Safety Science and Engineering, Director of Fire Safety Technology Institute, Special Researcher of the Fire Department of Ministry of Emergency Management, Member of Teaching Steering Committee of National Fire Engineering , Expert of Hubei Safety Production Expert Group, Executive Director of Hubei Fire Protection Association, Expert of Shenzhen Public Safety Expert Group, Mainly engaged in tunnel and underground space fire dynamics, urban fire risk, industrial safety research.

Research Area:

(1) Fire dynamics and prevention of tunnel and underground Space;

(2) Theory and method of urban area fire risk assessment;

(3) Industrial safety and risk management.



Dr.  Dan Mei, majored in air pollution of partical matter control, primarily engaged in numerical simulation of multiphase flow and heat transfer, industrial ventilation and dust removal .

Research Area:

(1)Building ventilation and PM transportation in the atmospheric environment;

(2)Multiphase flow in fluid machinery, heat and mass transfer enhancement;

(3)Safety management.

E-mail: meidan@wust.edu.cn

 Associate Prof. Hongjie Zhang, Associate professor of safety science and technology, primarily engaged in the safety management and risk assessment.

Research Area:

(1) Safety Management;

(2) Risk Assessment;

(3) The Smoke Movement in Mine/Tunnel Fire

E-mail: zhanghongjie@wust.edu.cn


Dr.  Jie Wang, majored in safety science and technology, primarily engaged in fire dynamics theory and key technology of fire safety protection of special buildings.

Research Area:

(1) Ceiling jet theory of special buildings (aircraft cargo compartment, tunnel) under extreme conditions (reduced pressure, sprinkler, wind);

(2) Smoke spread and ventilation control method for special buildings (tunnel, aircraft cargo compartment, high-rise building)

E-mail: wangjie87@wust.edu.cn


Dr.  Xiaoqing Zhang, majored in soil heavy metal risk assessment and treatment.

Research Area:

(1) ecological risk assessment of metals in soil;

 (2) the toxicity of metals in forest soil to trees 

E-mail: friedchickenlg@126.com 


Dr. Ying Lu, majored in safety science and engineering, National Certified Safety Engineer and Safety Appraiser, primarily engaged in the risk assessment theory and technology of urban public safety.

Research Area:

(1) The theory and technology of urban public safety risk assessment.

(2) The tunnel fire dynamics and prevention.

E-mail: luying@wust.edu.cn


Dr. Linbo Qin, majored in Safety Science & Engineering, primarily engaged in the medical waste thermal degradation, secondary contaminants remove from the flue gas, and volatile organic pollutants(VOCs) degradation

Research Area:

(1) The kinetic and characteristic during medical waste thermal degradation;

(2)The formation and reduction mechanism of VOCs during waste thermal degradation;

(3)Developing treatment technology for industrial source VOCs.

E-mail: qinlinbo@wust.edu.cn


Dr.  Bo Zhao, majored in thermal engineering, primarily engaged in the pollutant control in coal-fired power plant flue gas.

Research Area:

(1) The methods of heavy metal (mercury, arsenic, selenium, lead) control in coal-fired flue gas;

(2) Flue gas purification inmunicipal solid waste incineration.

E-mail: zhaobo87@wust.edu.cn